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Face Gawd

Face Gawd

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Even skin tone, Calming, Purifying, Hydrating Face Mask


Organic Moroccan Red Rhassoul Clay- Great for eliminating black heads, draws out impurities and debris fro pores. Calming and lightly hydrating. Ideal for sensitive skin.

Turmeric- contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatory components, provides glow and luster to the skin. Can help even out skin tones.

Mix & Apply:

Step 1: Mix 1.5 Tsp of clay with 1.5 tsp with liquid of choice (water, rose water, or ACV). Blend well until smooth, even consistency.Optional: Add a few drops Double Water hydrating serum for extra hydration then mix again.

Step 2: Cleanse your face first. Apply a thin smooth layer of clay to the face using mask spatula or soft brush.

Step 3: Leave clay on for 10-12 minutes, or when clay begins to tighten but feels slightly wet to touch. For sensitive skin types, apply for 3-5 minutes. Do not allow the mask to dry completely.

Step 4: Use lukewarm water to warm a face cloth. Hold face cloth to your face to rehydrate the mask making it easier to remove. Rinse, wipe and remove mask. Tone & Moisturize.